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Monday, October 19, 2009

Fast Money 1,2,3.. Get it quick

What first comes to your mind when making money on the internet is mentioned? Could it be that it looks hard to survive amidst great competitors involved in internet business? Then all those are mere assumption because internet business is as simple as learning how to write. Now i won’t get into much stories but will quickly outline hot ways to make easy cash online. So let’s start now....
Money method one
Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable ways to make money on the internet. This method is a little bit more complicated than the others but it’s worth understanding. There are a couple of sites out there in which company’s supplying products look for regular people like you and me sign up with these sites as promoters. Basically you get paid to promote other peoples product. And a payment of about 50% to 75% could be a great deal if you promote a product with a high conversion# rate. Starting an affiliate program could be very easy. Just go to Google and type in the search box “affiliate program directory” and then look for any program that interest you, register and start marketing their product for cash. You can read more important tip about affiliate programs and the basics you need to know in order to succeed here

Money method two
E-Books are growing in popularity every day; thousands of companies are now printing their media digitally to reach a wider audience over the internet. This new form of media has created an underground market which allows anyone to publish their intellectual property for the world to view. Marketing an eBook could be more interesting if you have an idea on how to write yours because you can make 100% from doing almost nothing. This is only possible if you know the techniques behind it. i wrote a comprehensive report and a step by step guide on how to write a bestselling eBook in one day on his blog so you can have a glimpse of it there. The profit margins for E-Books are extremely high, no shipping fee’s, no printing fees, it’s all digital! You can easily sell your eBooks on EBay, Amazon and other places and make cool cash. Give it a try!!!

Money method three
Data Entry Jobs
The good thing about data entry jobs is that you are paid to type. If you can type about 40 words in a minute then you can easily pick this as a part time work. Hundreds of thousands of companies have electronic forms they need to fill out. They don’t have the manpower to do it themselves so they contract jobs out to individuals for hire. The pay varies but I’ve seen people make anywhere from $300-2000 per day. This is a get rich quick scam; it’s an actual jobs you get paid for. Consider yourself a contractor for these companies, all you need to do is set aside an hour or two and you can make a whole living on the side! You can start by trying a search on Google on “data entry jobs” and start making some extra cash. I hope this article was useful please do give a comment on this and start as soon as possible to make your cas

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Five Hot Ways To Get Traffic To Your Site; Must use Stratagies.

The most important step to make money online is to DRIVE RICH TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE in order to make sales.

This is the hardest thing to do but you can bet on some strategies of the experienced ones. There are hundred and more ways to get traffic but i will treat just a few here.


Article distribution to article directories

This is a sure bet to getting traffic though it may be tedious if you are doing the work yourself. Just write as much articles as possible and get it submitted to as much article submission directories as possible. Write useful, interesting, unbiased article. Follow the guidelines provided by the article board. Other websites will pick up your article and post it on their website then each time Google, yahoo, msn sends out it ‘spider’ to re-index this type of site for new content, the webpage containing your article is going to be included. When writing articles, you are provided with an about author box or author by-line by the article board. This is for you to fill in a little information about yourself. Use that opportunity to link people back to your sales page. The heading of your article have to be catchy, you need to give people a link back to your website in order to fill in the opt in form if you have one.

1.Give them a link where they can get a free report or bonus.

2. Tell them to visit your site to get the full version of the article or to subscribe to your newsletter.

Here are some article submission directories that you can go about:


PPC (PAY PER CLICK) CAMPAIGN: -this is a paid method of getting traffic if you have the cash to go for it. Though it may be costly depending on the amount you agreed to pay it is usually a great deal if you are selling a product with a high conversion rate. This method allows you to generate nearly instant traffic to your site. You can see traffic flying to your sit in as little as 15 minutes after setting up the account because PPC campaigns are run by top search engines and your adverts can be displays in a very fast time after sign up. In this method, you are charged only when someone clicks on you advert and you have to choose the most relevant keywords on your market, and run advert on it. You can sign up for Google Adwords now and start running your pay per click campaign.


Join forums, discussion boards and answer site: - Here you have to contribute in discussions while you let the marketing of your product take care of its self. You need to position yourself as an expert in that field, build a great reputation of yourself by giving people information. The information you provide must be in context to what is being discussed. Your traffic comes in giving a link to your opt in page using signature files [in forum] or resource box in answer sites. In answer site you give answer to questions asked by other members. Some are pay for ‘advice’ where you can sign up as an expert to answer questions and get paid while you drive traffic to your site. Here are some answer sites:\

Here are some forums that you can join (launched just recently) (owned by Joel Comm- the adsense guru)


Building and maintaining a list using Auto responder account

This is very important when you are considering getting valued and repeated traffic. It’s in having an autoresponder account this is when the saying that “the money in the list” comes to play because when you have an opt in page on your website where your visitor sign up for your newsletter and newsletter and product review. With this anybody that signs up, his or her information is automatically stored in the autoresponder account. These people are your repeated customer; you can keep on selling your product repeatedly to them with just a click of a button from your control panel. So always link people back to your opt in page. You can try a paid one like or even free and paid services offered by or . Prepare a sign up form, get the HTML coding, embed it in your site and your customer keep signing up and you keep having people to sell to repeatedly.



This is an easy method to get traffic but you must make sure post useful comment on topic you know something about sometimes when appropriate you link back to your article in your site. You can find blogs in your market by searching through blog catalogs you can use the following catalogs below. But remember don’t go off the point, be in the discussion.

If this was helpful or not plaese leave a comment so as to be able to know what to post next time.

thanks and start work now.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Affiliate Progams; The Basics You Need To Know Before Joining One

I know you must have been hearing of affiliate marketing, it’s all about reselling other peoples product. Just go over to and then search for affiliate programs that suit your niche market or your interest and then start work. It is usually a free registration but some do offer a paid affiliate programs. What will happen is that you will sell other peoples be paid a certain commission as a percentage of the selling price. Some programs give up to 50% commission but you need to be careful when choosing an affiliate program, to prevent unnecessary competition between you and your merchant. I will touch them in summary;
1. SOME MERCHANTS DO COMPETE AGGRESSIVELY WITH THEIR AFFILIATES:- you need to join an affiliate whose merchants is not promoting his or her products so much as to steal your commission because any sales referred directly by the merchant is a sale lost by the affiliate. You can tell if a merchant is too competitive by simply using search engine like Google or yahoo to search on the keyword of your market and see if your merchants have a lot of pay per click ads or other promotional items showing up.
2. MAKE SURE THAT YOUR MERCHANT IS USING ONLY ONE PAYMENT PROCESSING SYSTEM:- are you surprised! Yeah, sometimes do provide more than one payment option to their customers. This could be a very bad thing for their affiliates while it looks absolutely fine for them. Let’s take an example. If your affiliate’s link is through clickbank and them you refer someone to buy your affiliates product through your clickbank link while he decides to buy using another payment option may pay pal then you’ve just lost the commission.
Make sure you consider this two things before joining any affiliate program.GOOD LUCK

Friday, September 25, 2009


Most successful internet marketers and big names are focused in producing their own products and as I had earlier on stated, you must plan to launch your own info products as soon as business starts picking up in order to maximise profit. And to be frank, the easiest product to sell online are info products which includes, eBooks, audio, curse downloads, teleseminar, DVD, etc. And the most profitable and easiest to create are eBooks. Now that you understand the importance of creating an info product like an eBook, let’s get into the main point; writing an eBook in one day.

1.Don’t try to get it perfect, just keep it going: don’t try to make it perfect while writing after all you are not creating an artistic piece of work but putting some helpful information together quickly in a day to create a hot selling eBook that will make you some extra cash per month or even a life fortune while you save your precious time for some other things.

2.Your eBook doesn’t have to be lengthy; - yes! These days, people like shorter eBooks that contains the necessary information packed in some few pages than a 100 page eBook that may take them much time to complete without even getting anything out of it. And never you price your eBook low no matter how few the pages are because your customers are paying for the content and not the number of pages.

3.Let the process be fun and don’t pressurize yourself in other to get it finished in one day. Feel it as a fun challenge to see your eBook finished by midnight while it starts selling on the internet the next day and you will be challenged while you make fun at the process.

Now let’s get started on what to write...

1.Look for a good target market to write on: - this is the first step because if you find product ideas without knowing a hot market then you might end up creating a great product with no value and no one wants to buy it. So you can use a keyword research tool available at . just type in the general keyword of your market that your customers are most likely to search o, then will be able to find the topic of the products that they search for the most and then pick one topic or market that you are interested in and do more key word research about it to be more enlightened .

2.Brainstorm ideas : now after choosing a market that interest you, think of the problems that they face then create a product addressing the problem and providing a great solution to it. A keyword research is not okay so you need to brainstorm ideas, gather information and articles on that topic make use of public domain works million ideas. This will definitely help you.

3.Make a rough draft: just write down a rough draft of all the ideas that you have gotten for your book and make a format such as this:





Screenshots[if possible]

Helpful resources and free stuffs

Check list etc.

Just make sure you empty your mind, write all that is possible concerning that topic and share tips, step by step guides and let them feel your professionalism in the work. Don’t rate your eBook low, just make sure that you solve people’s problem and you will make cash from it.

1) Edit and proofread for perfection; yeah it’s time to get it prepared for the final showdown. Oh! It’s almost 9:00pm; don’t mind you are almost done. Check for misspellings, proofread for grammatical errors, and add bold to titles, colours, pictures, italics and all you think can make it almost perfect if not perfect.

2) Final step: convert your eBook to the best format, PDF.

Here it’s time to get it in the right format for electronic transfer. Most people prefer the PDF format to the EXE because it is eye friendly and virus free when compared to EXE eBooks. So , I advice that you use the PDF format. Just get a free PDF at or to get your word document in an eBook formats. It doesn’t even take up to two minutes and it’s done. And then you eBook is finally done in one day.

Note: it’s not a must to get it finished in a day; if you are a beginner you can make it in three day in case you need it perfect but anywhere it can be done in ONE DAY. WOW! It’s almost 10:30pm; you’ve really tried kudos you can now sleep and dream of your eBook making you cash by tomorrow. I must tell you that i wrote this report at exactly 9.05pm and now it’s 10.07pm, about a hour and two minutes. Then what about your, it can be done in one day; even a more better stuff.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


What are public domain works? I will define it very simply as a specific body of intellectual property, books, images, music, movies and photographs whose copyright have expired or it wasn’t copyrighted before are now officially regarded as “public domain” which belongs to the public. So anyone can pick it and use it the way they like or choose. So it is worth knowing about public domain because it can give you some extra cash or even a fortune.
Now each country as it’s guideline to determine if a work is in the public domain but let’s look at that of the United States in summary.
1. If a work was published in the United States anytime before 1923, is ns now regarded as public domain
2. Any work published in the United States between 1923 and 1978, without a valid copyright notice, is now in the public domain.
3. Any work published in the United States between 1978 and March 1 1989, without a notice and registration is now regarded as public domain.
4. Any work published in the United States between 1923 and 1963 with a copyright notice that was not renewed is regarded as public domain.
Any work that does not go with this rules are not in the public domain like works published or created after march 1, 1989, works published between 1923 and 1963 with a copyright notice that was renewed, works published between 1963 and march 1,1989 with a valid copyright notice are not in the public domain so don’t play with them without the authors permission. Before you start using any work that you may think is in the public domain, use the above rules to confirm and also look for the copyright notice of the work, before you run into problems.
Yes since they are public domain works, then why are they hiding you can’t find them. The answer is they are not hiding I will show you how to find easily. Just try a search with Google, yahoo, AltaVista, msn. Search on the following phrase,
Public domain work examples
List of free public domain works
Public domain examples
If the same title shows up in multiple searches then that should domain. You could equally join forum which are interested in public domain works, you can try a search on “public domain forums”. Here are some links to some public domain resources sites:
Authorama: it features extensive list of public domain resources with links to the original text you can download or print right from the website.
classicbooks : A free online library featuring literary and genre novels in public domain.
Retro Film : This site provide catalogue of public domain movie. It serves television broadcast and not individual but it’s a good place where you can track titles to search for somewhere else.
You can try paid list/reseller programs though it cost money, it saves time and you can be certain that you are given quality list of public domain works. You can try;
Wow Content Club
Now that you have gotten you work you have to put it in the current format for resale. May be you can edit, update the copy and sell revised edition of the copy with your own copyright notice, put it in an eBook format for electronic distribution, put your music in mp3 format and you can even sell you revised edition on eBay. Wow! What an easy way to make cash with other people’s products. Just give it a try. You can get an eBook writer for free at openoffice or primopdf and get you books in eBook format very easily. Yeah it’s still me have fun. Sukmama Akpanusong

Monday, September 21, 2009


Here I have to be a little in summary, but the full version of this article is available to members of the cash forum so you can join them and get the full details. So now let’s start from the beginning..........

First of all, how do you put everything in place at the right time to make sure that you succeed in your internet business? You need to make sure that all your tools are working 24/7. That’s what I must tell you here.

Finding a hungry market: - This is the first step you need to consider. You need to find a hungry market to provide them their needs. It’s good to find a market that you have an affinity for. This is because you best know how to solve most of your problems, and if someone has the same problem as yours you can determine how he feels, what he moves first for, what he looks for at anytime and as someone who is experienced in that matter, you can present a solution to that problem while you make your money. If you are selling to a market that you don’t really know much about you might end up paying someone to help you through unless you work very hard. So you can save your money while you grow your market yourself.

The other way you can find a hungry market is by using a key word research tool. Simply use a free one available at it is a pretty good tool that gives you details about the number of people that search on a particular keyword and the level of advertisement on that keyword (this helps you to determine how competitive that market is). This can help you to find keywords related to the market that you can go into; a lot of information you should know about that market.

WHERE TO FIND THE PRODUCTS: - You can either sell your own product or you sell other peoples products as their associates or affiliates. But let me let you know that the secret of online information marketers is selling their own products. Look at Ewen Chia with his bestselling information products; it fetched him a lot of millions so plan ahead of launching your own product soon.

Selling other peoples product: - this is the method that most newbie prefer to use so you can easily join them and make your money even as a pro. You can look for affiliate to doing a search at AffiliatePrograms or you can try a search with Google on “affiliate program directory” you can find interesting programs to join. Your merchant will give you a link which they use to track your sales. Some may give you banners which you can place on your website to navigate people to their sales page to buy the product. You will be paid a certain commission as a percentage of the original price of the product. There are factors to consider when joining an affiliate program;

1. Make sure that the merchant don’t compete unnecessarily with their affiliates.

2. They have only one payment processing method so that their affiliates don’t lose sales.

The next thing you must consider is that traffic is everything; yes you need a lot of customers to sell the product to. Haven’t you heard that the money is in the list? There are a hundred and more ways to get traffic online ranging from paid to free methods. But free traffic generation could be very useful. You need the traffic that could be converted to millions of dollars. You need time and commitment when trying free traffic generation. I will explain just three here,

1. Writing articles and submitting it to article directories

2. Using PPC (pay per click) campaign

3. Using social net working and discussion boards

Writing articles: -You can write an article about your market and then submit it to article directories, you may need to sign up first before you start posting. You can search for directories using Google. Make sure that you read and understand the guidelines given to you by the board. write articles that are useful to the public, don’t try to sell anything to the public and make sure you give a link back to the opt-in-page in your website using the “about author” or “author byline” box given to you by the board. Try it and see how much traffic you will generate.

PPC (pay per click) campaign: - this is a paid method of getting traffic. It is a kind of bidding method, the position of your advert on Google depends on how much you agree to pay per click. Don’t go for the first position, 5th to 7th is okay people will still click on it while you pay less. You should sell a product that is in high demand and conversion rate before you go into this.

Using social networking and discussion boards: - This can be a very fast and free way to get your product marketed to a large number of people, take for instance you are a member of Yahoo!360 MySpace, or Facebook and then you publish a post about your product with the large amount of audience who are members of the network, don’t you think it will sell? Just for free! . So just join as much forums and discussion boards as possible and start posting and you will see that it is really a great deal.

Bonus Traffic Strategy

Building and maintaining a list using Auto responder account

This is very important when you are considering getting valued and repeated traffic. It’s in having an autoresponder account this is when the saying that “the money in the list” comes to play because when you have an opt in page on your website where your visitor sign up for your newsletter and newsletter and product review. With this anybody that signs up, his or her information is automatically stored in the autoresponder account. These people are your repeated customer; you can keep on selling your product repeatedly to them with just a click of a button from your control panel. So always link people back to your opt in page. You can try a paid one like GetResponse they even free services . Prepare a sign up form, get the HTML coding, embed it in your site and your customer keep signing up and you keep having people to sell to repeatedly. WISH YOU GOOD LUCK AND START NOW TO MAKE A FORTUNE.